The most popular types of dog crates available on the market are: • Plastic crates- these are easy to carry around, portable, easy to clean and hard to escape from; the visibility they offer is low; their drawback is that they do not fold and they are not available in attractive designs. • Metal crates- these are preferred for the airflow they offer; they are suitable for dogs who need more visibility and they come with optional covers for more privacy; such crates can be folded and stored easily; their con is that they are heavy, they rust over time and they can be easy to escape from. • Soft-sided crates- these are light, affordable and suitable for travelling purposes; the disadvantage is that they are not designed to last and they are quite difficult to clean. They should be used as temporary crates. • Heavy-duty crates- these are almost impossible to escape from, chew-proof and bend proof; they come at a higher price and they are not suitable for indoor use. • Fashion crates- they are attractive, they can be used indoors as they match any decor but they are expensive and difficult to clean.