How to protect your website from Hackers?


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It is important to comprehend how to protect your website from hackers. But, before you hop in, it is equally or maybe a bit more prominent for you to understand "how hackers are cause threat to any website?". In any given web development process, it makes your prior responsibility to ensure that you are following security measures to protect your website or not. There's no actual manner that a website will behave after being attacked by hackers, but you will find some unusual signs on the website. Here are some signs of hacking you might find on your website. 1. You’ll find several auto-created pages loaded with keywords and nonsense, to get them to rank on Google for key terms. When clicked on, they’ll redirect to a dodgy site. 2. The hacker will endanger publishing your information and data or they might get a hold of your website and demand the amount to leave it to you. 3. When a hacker inserts a virus or malicious code into your website, it may go down or you may not be able to access it. In fact, along with your website, the hardware will be affected. 4. Hackers generally employ bots to overkill a website with requests and demolish the server when it's on. 5. Some hackers will use your brand image and act like they are representing your brand to the clients to snatch their personal information like bank account details, mobile numbers, email, and other sensitive information. Here's what you can do to protect your website from hackers * Strengthen your passwords * Use multi-factor authentication. * Install automatic backups * Install SSL and use HTTPS on your website Learn More Information -