Benefits of U-Data – Unnifi vs. eSIM ?


eSIM are growing in popularity and use. There is a misconception that eSIM’s are very easy to use and inexpensive. Our view is this is not the case. Noting that eSIM’s operate in a similar way to Unnif in that the use can download a SIM card, without a physical SIM card being inserted into their device. However there are distinct differences as follows: Unnifi is a simple interface. You set up your device and pair it to [up to] five (5) devices such as laptop, tablet and cell phone ONE TIME only. Once Unnifi is set up you only need to turn it on to enable data flow to all your paired devices. By comparison eSIM’s can be complex to manage. You need to be careful in selecting the right data plan, the download process is not straightforward and configuring your phone with the settings can be a challenge. Unnifi is reusable. Once used, most eSIM services it will expire the eSIM card and you will need to do it all over again for your next trip. With Unnifi you simply travel with confidence that your data plan and settings are all set up and ready for your next trip. There is no Bill Shock with Unnifi, you use what data you have purchased. eSIM can run up a large data bill without you knowing until you return home. U-Data does not expire unused data so what you don't use is ready for you again. eSIM plans usually expire in 30days. Whatever you don’t use is taken back. Not with Unnifi as we never expire your data. U-Data provides a dedicated personal Wi-Wi router which works for longer, up to 10 hours vs. eSIM which relies on your phone's power supply and if paired via a Hotspot to other devices, from your phone this will run the battery down faster. Click Here For More-