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Are You Looking For Outsourcing Bookkeeping and Accounting Service at Dallas? Get Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting Service at Meru Accounting . Meru Accounting is the leading bookkeeper and accountant at Dallas. Meru Accounting offer service that are aimed at enhancing business owner profitability. Contact us for the offered service and accounting tactics including Bookkeeping ,Payroll, Receivables, Xero-Consultant, Tax-Return and much more. As Bookkeeping and Accounting are key Role in Every Business. Bookkeeping and Accounting are Different Term.They help in understanding the financial condition of the business and take important decisions. Bookkeeping and accounting are two different things in the business. Here, bookkeeping activities mainly involve recording business transactions on a daily basis. Accounting involves analyzing, interpreting, summarizing, and reporting the financial data of the business properly.