Shivalik Sharda Park View exclusive residential project on SP ring road Ahmedabad. It is a recently developed area of Ahmedabad because of ring road & it's also close to the SG highway. This project offers 3 bhk apartments with the dimension of 1440 Sqft within the price range of 47.16 lacs. With various amenities like Meditation Center, Indoor games, Kids play area, Gym our developers offer this project with easy payment option. If you are interested don’t wait to contact us.
The life from the citizens of this nation is on jeopardy with the appearance of scammers to the picture. Every day we hear news about accidents on the road. This makes us really weary as we know that somewhere our children's also may fall into such situations. A nation faces many challenges on day to day basis. Superb them ready for fighting with each and every happenings.

A report on CNBC claims that around 40% of millennials will inherit a home from their parents. This is good news for people planning to retire early and hoping for a windfall to help them out. But inheriting a home isn’t as simple and straightforward as it seems.
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When you buy an Independent Villa in Bangalore, you get to exercise freedom. The next time, you want to renovate your kitchen, you need to wait for your neighbor’s permission to bring down the wall.
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