English Springs formerly known as The Institute of IELTS, started giving training for IELTS from the year 2001 and PTE since its inception and especially OET from 2008. Here at English Springs, we committed ourselves strongly in securing students satisfaction upon training and mainly in securing their desired scores. We undoubtedly provide you the world’s best training for IELTS, PTE, and OET. We charge a fee only for the score, not for the duration of the course, It means how long it takes time to get your desired score the whole responsibility lies with us. So far, we have secured so many 7
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PTE Details
For PTE, we have 3 levels of programs
Level 1 is suitable for scores up to 60. and the fee is 6500/-
Level 2 is ideal for scores up to 79 and the fee is 15000/-
Level 3 is recommended only in some special cases. The fee is 50000/-
The duration varies from 21 days to 60 days depending on how many hours you spend per day.
Batch times: 8 to 9:30 am 10:30 to 12
We also have weekend batches as well as onli
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OET Reading Mock Test for All Professions
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